Weather in North Cyprus

North Cyprus Weather and Climate

Northern Cyprus has a Mediterranean climate and no matter what time of the year is, it is always warmer than Northern Climates.

The winter months in North Cyprus are December, January and February but you can still expect temperatures about 18 degrees. This is usually the rainy season in North Cyprus with torrentail rain which never lasts long. When the sun appears it is still warm enough to eat outside of North Cyprus hotels and enjoy your Northern Cyprus holidays.

In the months of October, November and March there is less rain in North Cyprus but whatever the time of the year is, beware the sun is still very warm. However during these months the nights can be chilly and a light jacket may be needed, so do not forget to pack it on your North Cyprus holiday.

In April, May and June North Cyprus temperatures start to warm up and evenings become much warmer. This is followed by the hot dry months of July and August where there is no rainfall. During these months the heat in North Cyprus is very intense and if you are not a sun worshipper you will be scurrying for shady places of North Cyprus hotels.

Temperture in CyprusSeptember and October is like spring and you may get a little rain.

Monthly Activities in North Cyprus

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