Transportation in Northern Cyprus

There are several ways you can get around using Northern Cyprus transportation and make easier your North Cyprus holidays:

  • Car Rental
  • Taxi
  • Dolmush (local bus)

Driving is like in the UK on the left side  and there are many road signs similar to UK and are in English. Whilst most roads are tarmaced some of the mountain roads are not and you should not attempt to access them unless you are in a 4x4 wheel drive and then with care. Always make sure wherever you travel off the main roads that you have a full tank of petrol before starting out. To be able to drive during holidays in Northern Cyprus you need a British or International drivers license and must carry it with you at all times.

A word of warning - while driving in Northern Cyprus on some stretches of the roads there are still a small percentage of erratic drivers who can be reckless and cause accidents at times. These can be fatal so always adhere to the speed and if the other driver wants to get by you let him.

Like in all other countries in Northern Cyprus transportation are also traffic regulations that you should bear in mind whether you rent a car on North Cyprus holidays or own a car:

  • You will need to have a valid driver's licence from your country of residence.
  • Foreign driver's licenses are valid only for three months from entering Northern Cyprus.  
  • There are highway speed limits set at 100km/h and 65 to 60 km/h.
  • Speed limits are enforced by radar devices and cameras.
  • Front seat passengers must wear seatbelts.
  • Children are not allowed to sit in the front passenger seat.
  • The using of a cell (mobile) phone while driving is not allowed.
  • Drinking and driving is not allowed.
  • I tis not allowed to take rentals car to the South of the island (South Cyprus, over the green line).
  • Most car hire companies require you to be at least 25 year old in order to rent a car.

Car Rental

Rent a Car is widely available, in Northern Cyprus you can either go direct to the local hire company or through your North Cyprus hotel where you are staying. Prices can be various according to the size of the vehicle and the time of the season in North Cyprus. You will find that car hire is much cheaper than any other travelling expenses. Always make sure that wherever you rent that you have full insurance CDW in case of accidents. It is easy to recognize rental cars in Northern Cyprus because they have red number plates.  


Taxis are widely available throughout Northern Cyprus. Most of them are metered but there are also some who don’t have this facility, so always make sure before you get in how much the journey will cost and prevent any disappointment on your North Cyprus holidays. Most North Cyprus hotels will call a local taxi company for you.


Local buses run up and down the main roads all day long up to about 22: 00 hours  at night.  There are not many bus stops around but if you are walking or waiting on the side of the road they will sound their horn and stop for you.  These mini buses are used mainly by the local community as it is a cheap way of transportation around Northern Cyprus.

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