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Soli is an ancient settlement located at the northwestern part of the island, a mile to the west of Gemikonagi, within the borders of Baglikoy. Named after he famous Greek philosopher solon, soli has been one of the most important capitals of Cyprus from the day it was built until it was destroyed and abandoned, The excavation carried out here suggest that soli history stretches back to between 11th century BC to 7th the century AD. Soli became an important port city with its projected port and fertile soil. Additionaly, Soli has an important place in the history of Christinity. The city has partipated in Christian councils and become part of the Bishopric. The city, attacked many times by the outsiders finally fell prey to the arab attacks of the 7th century and was destroyed.

Excavations to save Soli

Excavations have been very important in preserving the antique city of Soli until the present day. These excavations there started in 1927 by the Sweden Cyprus Reserch Team. The swedish team excavated in the area from 1927-1932 abd uncovered parts of the city. Excavations continued in the 1960s by canadian archeologists but only parts of the city have been uncovered. Many excavations have been carried out here by the Department of Water Works for its new drinking water project on 22nd November 2005 This led to a new excavation carried out by the Department of Water works for its new drinking water project on 22nd November 2005. This led to a new excavation carried out by the Guzelyurt Regional Office between 24th November 2005 - 5th January 2006, Which led to the uncovering of tombs ; rich in terms of their architecture and contents.
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