Religion in North Cyprus

In Northern Cyprus, Turkish Cypriots - Muslims (known as sunni muslims) cover about 95% of the TRNC population however they have always accepted other religions and customs. There is a small Turkish Cypriot Baha'i community in North Cyprus and non-Muslims in the north. Most of them are foreigners from Europe or elsewhere who are members of the Roman Catholic Church, Anglican Church, Matonite Church, Greek Orthodox Church, Armenians or Jews which makes up the other percentage of Northern Cyprus religion. Throughout the TRNC about 10% of the population attend religious services regularly as you will find on holidays in Northern Cyprus. Over recent years with the influx of Europeans coming to Northern Cyprus Anglo churches hold regular services in the Anglo Church in Kyrenia. During your holidays in North Cyprus you will find many mosques scattered over the Northern Cyprus. During the day Muslim people are called to pray about 5 times a day. During these times they are advised according to their religion not to drink alcohol or smoke but this is a choice of individuals. Ramadam (a period of fast) which follows the Bayram (old celebration tradition) is also practiced in Northern Cyprus. This is a time of paying respect to their elders by visiting them and buying presents or giving money to the children. North Cyprus holiday visitors are usually offered a Turkish type of sweets during their short visits. Local North Cyprus festivals are arranged by the municipality of each city or village. During this period Muslims don’t eat from when sun comes up until it sets in the evening but once again this is the choice of individuals and is more commonly adhered to by the older generations of the Muslim community or on the Turkish part of North Cyprus. Northern Cyprus has many customs and festivities which you can visit on your North Cyprus holiday and one is called Kina. Kina is a tradition of painting the nails and the hands with Henna. This is normally done on babies at 6 months old but in some parts of Northern Cyprus it is also done on the Bride before her wedding. North Cyprus religion represents mixed values and beliefs but whatever your religion is, the Turkish Cypriots live happily side by side and respect eastern and western culture and religion.
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