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Cyprus Restaurant Guide


Hotel Sempati's Ala carte Restaurant

Our Restaurant is serving international and Local Cuisine, you must try our Fresh Fish. Rate : ***** Price : very reasonable

Cenap Restaurant/ Alsancak

Local Restaurant in Alsancak, they serve Local foods and various Mezes.You should try it on your North Cyprus holidays, it is highly recommended from Hotel Sempati.,Rate: ***** Price: reasonable

Niazis Restaurant / Kyrenia
the restaurant is in Kyrenia harbour, Menu is Mezes and International Cuisine. You should try their mezes and Full Kebab Rate: ***** Price: not too expensive

St.Tropez French Restaurant / Alsancak
Typical French restaurant, luxury restaurant which serve French Menu. Rate: ***** Price: expensive Indian Restaurant The Jashan Restaurant base in Karmi village is typical Indian restaurant. Rate: **** Price: expensive Sempati Sport BarYou can watch formula 1 and Premier League in Hotel Sempati Bar.

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