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The butterflies and mothsare common insects;well known to everyone and they comprise the order lepidoptera,one of the major groups of insects.They are most readily recognized by the scales on the wings,whichc come off like dust on one’s fingers when the insects are handled; most of the body and legs are also  coreved with scales.

Cyprus is located in the northastern corner of the Mediterrenean.This situation   at  the

Junction of Europe, Asia and Africa makes its fauna and flora an interesing   blend  of

familiar Europen and less known Asian and African species and supspecies of butterflies have been recorded. This inclues three endemic species.


There are three endemic butterfly species in cyprus.These are: Maniola cypricola,

Glaucopsyhce paphos and Hipparchia cypriensis.


Maniola Cypricola (Cyprus Meadow Brown):

The adult butterflies begin to emerge at the end of April and are on the wing until

Novenber in a single generation.It is a very common butterfly that is widely distributed

troughout Cyprus. Recorded in every type of habitat, rests on the ground in the shade of bushes.

It is atracted to the flowers of Citrus creticus (rockrose) and rubus sanctus (blackberry).After june it is more common in mountain areas, usually in shady locations


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