Living in North Cyprus

Standard U.K. three pin plugs are widely used in all North Cyprus hotels and houses located in Northern Cyprus and the voltage is 220/240 volts. Northern Cyprus suffers from frequent power cuts due to high demand and the lack of infrastructure. Building a new power house will stop a lot of power cuts uncomfortable for living in North Cyprus. Due to power cuts it is advised to make sure that you take measures to protect some of your electrical equipment especially computers, televisions, freezers and hifi equipment and buy surge protectors which can either be bought with you or they are available in local shops throughout Northern Cyprus. Prices are various according to the type and quality.
It is not normally advisable to drink water from the tap in Northern Cyprus, reboiling water is better choice. The water from your tap contain a lot of lime so taps need to be regularly descaled and also washing machines and dishwashers. Many households in Northern Cyprus buy a water cooler which provides you both hot and cold water from 19 litre water bottles. There are many companies these days that deliver bottled water to your homes or hotels in North Cyprus. It is the same price as buying from the local shops but saves you the bother of fetching and carrying the bottles. When they are empty you call the company and they will bring you a new bottle. The water supply in the TRNC can be better in some areas than others. Most parts of North Cyprus have water shortages during the summer. It is normal to find that water is available only on alternate days or every two days. During your holidays in North Cyprus you will find that many homes have water tanks installed so they can store water until the next time water is switched on to replenish their tanks. If you find that what you have in your tank is not enough for living there are other options available for you. Either getting a bigger tank installed at your home or adding more smaller to tanks. Or you could order water from the water companies who bring out large tankers to your home and fill your tanks up. North Cyprus hotels in tourist areas and Kyrenia hotels tend not to experience water ration problems during the summer like other areas in Northern Cyprus.
In Northern Cyprus there are no main sewerage lines, and septic tanks are the main method of disposal household sewage. Also as in some European countries the pipes generally tend to be on the small side and with this knowledge it is advisable not to put toilet paper or sanitary towels in the toilet.
Refuse in Northern Cyprus is collected either once or twice a week from specified points or if you are lucky one from outside your door. In isolated areas, outside the main routes of the council, it is the householder’s responsibility to dispose with own refuse.
Security in TRNC
Crime is relatively low in North Cyprus, however precautions should always be taken because of growing influx of foreign people who settled and start living in Northern Cyprus. You will find on your holiday in North Cyprus that children and the elderly in Northern Cyprus can walk the streets alone at night. However, cars and properties in North Cyprus should always be left secured.
The Cost Of Living in Northern Cyprus
The cost of living in Northern Cyprus still remains much lower than in the UK or most of Europe. The main costs are electricity, water, council tax and petrol which have considerably risen due to the weak sterling. Local produce such as fruit vegetables and meat are of a high quality and great value and are widely available throughout North Cyprus. In supermarkets you will find an array of international branded foods. The Mediterranean diet is considered to be a really healthy in comparison to European, you can try it during North Cyprus holidays.
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