North Cyprus Iskele

Iskele is one the districts famous with its unspoilt nature and golden beaches of the Karpas Peninsula. This lovely distinct with its rich historical sites as well as flora and fauna. The main agricultural products of the area are artichokes, carobs and olives. Fishing and both irrigation and dry farming also contribute to the income of the local population.
Apostolos Andreas Monastery:

According to legend, St.Andrew was on his way back to Palatine on a ship whose captain was blind in one eye. They put in for water Standee struck the rock where the monastery now stands, and out gushed spring, the magic properties of which restored the captains sight. The monastery, which served to accommodate both Christian pilgrims, is a relatively recent structure.

Ayios Trias Basilica:

This 6th Century columnar is situated on the left hand side of which leads from haled of Sipahi. Ayios Trais to the north coast road. An inscription in front of the main apse records one Deacon Heraclios as a benefactor of the church. Extensive areas of mosaic paving survive.

The Ruins of Ayios Philion:

This early 5th century complex consists of basilica peristyle court, a bishops place, and sundry buildings. These were built on the foundations of earlier Hellenistic and Roman structures.

Kantara castle:

The first construction on the site was carried out by the Byzantines in the tenth century B.C. Kantara existed in conjunction with two other mountain top forts whose aim was to repel Arab attacks along the northern coast. Later the Venetians used the castle and regarded it as a useful vantage point from which to oversee the area. However by the middle of the eleventh century A.D. Kantara was on longer as having any strategic value and has, since then, benign disuse.

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