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In the Depths of the Five Finder Mountains, there is a legend that is said to stretch back thousands of years and still lives on today. this is a legend intertwined with the existence of God, betrayal of blessing and its results. The Mother -Daughter rocks are situated on the southern slopes of the five Finger Mountains on the road between the villages of Degirmenlik, Alevkayasi and Kalavac.
The formation of those rocks, which have become notorious among the locals of the region, and their fascinating legend, lives on today. We visited the vast outskirts of the Five finger Mountains to search for the rocks where the legend is said to have taken place thousands of years ago. We advance into a sharp rock formation, following veterans of the Five Finger Mountains, the Muhtar of Kalavac Omer Merakli and Mustafa Merakli. There is a strong raging wind, and the temperature compared to Lefkosa is at least 7-8 degrees lower.

The Unrivalled Beauty of Bufavento

As we advanced to further the a higher altitude we found ourselves emerged in the clouds. We lifted our heads up among the clouds facing the magnificence of Bufavento Castle. The magnificence of the castle become even more apparent with the rays of sun sifting through the clouds, illuminating the castle. The thousand year old disappearing and re -emerging among the clouds. It is the season of the awakening of the deaf snake. I can't quite distinguish the sound, whether it's the sound of the snake or the sound of the blowing wind. Because of this we cautiously advanced on our way. The beauty of Buffavento Castle dwells on my mind. I have never seen Buffavento on the three pearls of the Five finger mountains St Hilarion Castle Buffavento Castle Kantara is such glorious colour and grandeur. Although we were extremely far down below, we took a short break in our walk and I began taking photos. In tranquil mood we continued on our Journey.
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