Karpaz Nature


The Karpas Peninsula or panhandle' as the British called the north-east of Cyprus ,is a land where time stands still Miles and miles of sandy beaches with not a person in sight. Ancient towns, basilicas, ruins and tombs scatter the area waiting to be explored. To get a taste of Cyprus twenty years ago, the traveller must visit the Karpas. These are not pretty, Picture postcard villages like Bellapais, but rural traditional Cypriot villages where the animals live under the same roof as their owners. The land is agricultural and the majority of the villagers live off the land.


Return to the roundabout and proceed straight across. Where this road joins the main road turn left for Bogaz. Is a fishing village with several restaurants, a couple of small shops and a petrol stations. It is a good place to stop for a break and a drink. The small harbour was built and funded by the local fisherman and is exclusively for their use. In the mornings they stand on their boats selling the 'catch of the day'.

Simply follow the road north east and enjoy the changing countryside. The people are very relaxed in the Karpas and this goes for the animals as well! Watch your speed, it is not uncommon to find two tractors stopped in the middle of the road ,their owners passing the time of day. The donkeys certainly have no respect for the Highway Code.