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The town of Guzelyurt is regional Capital of the Guzelyurt district and is Known as the fruit-bowl of Northern Cyprus. The town, located in the West, is surrounded by extensive Citrus groves, which makes this area The greenest on the island. The Reason for this is the abundance of Water running dawn from the trodos Mountains, which lie, to the south. The present day settlement is one of the most fertile villages pn the island,owing this to its abundance of water gushing from Başpınar spprings from some 280 m above.The rushing sound of water,which has been the most precipus commodity on the dry islandi,can be heard all over the area.The village is famous for its extensive lemon and orange groves. Guzelyurt is not a typical tourist destination, but is interesting to those who want see parts of Northern Cyprus not in the least affected by tourism. Besides, Guzelyurt houses a history and archaeology museum, a covered market and soma Rather beautiful Orthodox churches. Also within the Guzelyurt district is the picturesque town of Lefke the site of Cyprus' now defunct copper mines, the Roman ruins at soli ,and the hilltop palace of Vouni.

Guzelyurt past

  Settlement in this area dates back to the Early Bronze Age when from Anatolia arrived in that part of the island. The growth and development of the town and surrounding areas owe much to the copper mines on the lower slopes of the Trodos mountains from ore has been extracted since antiquity.

Places of interest to visit:

Archaeological and Natural History Museum:

Here you will find an interesting collection of archaeological exhibits dating from the Early Stone Age to Roman times. The natural history section of the museum has a collection of birds, mammals and reptiles of Cyprus. The museum is located in the centre of Guzelyurt and open during working hours and also on Saturday until 1pm.


A visit: to the oasis-like town of Lefke, With its date palms and citrus orchards, is a must for those who wish to view some excellent of Ottoman architecture. Lefke has been predominantly inhabited by Turks since 1571,and possesses some of the most fertile soil the island, giving its fruit the reputation of being the best in Cyprus. Running through the town are remains of ancient Roman aqueducts used for irrigation. There are also two sites of particular interest. One is the Osman Pasha mosque in the upper part the town. The other is the tomb of the wesir Osman Pasha with its highly decorative sarcophagus.

Soli Ruins:

The ruins of the ancient city of Soli with their amphitheatre, mosaics, basilica and columns are a highly popular destination for tourists who visit the Guzelyurt area. The city is said to have been established at its coastion on the advice of

St.Mamas Monastery and Church:

This lovey building, located in the centre of Guzelyurt was originally a Byzantine church. During Louisianan times Gothic features were added in 1725 the whole structure was rebuilt and a dome erected. St.Mamas is the patron saint of tax-dodgers and is said to have been a hermit who lived near Guzelyurt in Byzantine times. On failing to pay his taxes he was summoned to appear before the governor in Lefkoşa. Apparently, on the way to Nicosia he came across a line, which was about to attack a lamb. He managed to apprehend the lion, climb on its back and ride to Nicosia with the lamb in his arms. The governor, on seeing Mamas arrive such an interesting manner, declared that he was henceforth exempt from all taxes.

Vouni Palace Northern Cyprus

The of Vouni palace are located on a hilltop offering fantastic panoramic views of the Trodos mountain range, the Girne Mountains and the central pained of Cyprus. The palace was built by the pro-Persian Phoenician King Doxandros of Mario's as a vantage point from which to keep a watchful eye on his potentially rebellious pro-Greek subjects in Soil, and probably dates back to the fifth century B.C. All that you see of palace today are the foundations. This is par5ly due to natural erosion, but also because the inhabitants of soli, having grow weary of being watched from on high by their rules, attacked and burned down the palace
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