Food and Drink in Northern Cyprus

Cypriot cuisine is a wonderful mix of the Eastern Mediterranean and has many characteristics taken from the island's numerous conquerors. It will not take long for the tourist to discover why one of the national pastimes in North Cyprus is eating. A most memorable part of any Northern Cyprus holiday will be missed if you do not sample the local cuisine. Cypriots are ingenious cooks and use rare materials. An example of this is a gabbar, wild caper. The plant grows freely on the dry slopes all over Cyprus. The unopened flower buds and tender stem tops are pickled in vinegar and eaten as part of the Meze. '' Meze'' is the Turkish word for Hors-d'oeuvres. In many of the village restaurants in North Cyprus food will start arriving on the table soon after you sit down; this means that there is a set menu and those will be the meze 'starters. Most of the appetizers grow and are made in North Cyprus
and will change seasonally. Remember that this is only the beginning of a Turkish meal so ''yavas yavas'' ( slowly slowly). Cypriots are great meat eaters, they use lambs and chicken in their cooking. All the meat is locally reared. There is no import licence issued for fresh meat. As they are Muslim, pork's not issued in some place, but you can find pork in all restaurants, especially in our restaurant in North Cyprus hotel. Enjoy your holidays in North Cyprus, visit Northern Cyprus hotels and restaurants and try typical Cypriots food and drinks.

Meze, a Meal in itself

Expect to receive up to fifteen small dishes of Northern Cyprus food including the delicious yoghurt, rice stuffed vegetables, black-eyed beans, hummous (purée of chicken peas and sesame paste) and nor (white cheese). As these are slowly savoured a selection of hot starters will be served such as sigara borej ( cheese-filled filo pastry), Kofte (spicy meatball) and the tasty hellim cheese. Be sure to squeeze the juicy fresh lemon over the food, especially over the kebabs.

Welcome to Northern Cyprus

Northern Cyprus Restaurants

Cyprus has an abundance of restaurants and North Cyprus hotels offering a wealth of culinary mystery. Between Girne and Guzelyurt there are about 350 establishments, serving French, Chinese, Indian, European and even Irish cuisine. Restaurants in Bogaz iskele
Zivania Cyprus Whisky
Zivania is a very strong, domestic made alcohol often referred to as fire water. It is made from the left-over after wine making is finished. The kazan, a cooper pot, is filled with fermented mess of grape remains and water. A fire is made and the pot is places on top. A condenser is attached to the kazan with tubes and in turn the tubes lead to bottle. The water in the condenser is continually replaced to keep cool, a bucketful out and another in.
Other Drinks
The national drink of Northern Cyprus is Brandy Sour and makes a delicious aperitif. It consists of generous helping of local brandy with bitters, lemon squash( usually home made) and soda. Raki is the Turkish equivalent of Pernod. Known as 'lion's milk' the aniseed sprit turns cloudy when diluted with water. It makes a good accompaniment to fish meze.
Turkish Coffee
A delicacy of the ottoman upper classes - Turkish coffee - is now enjoyed by all tourists on North Cyprus holidays. The secret of Turkish Coffee is to use good coffee beans and create froth on the top. In North Cyprus Hotels is Turkish coffee served in a small cups in four different ways - sade without sugar, az sekerli with a little sugar, orta sekerli with medium sugar and sekerli with lots of sugar.
Cyprus Restaurant guide

Try The Local foods at the Sempati's Ala Carte Restaurant in Cyprus

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